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"Whiskey and beer are all right in their place, but their place is in hell." site de apostas

Billy Sunday figured prominently in the early 20th century prohibition movement, and liquor sellers often closed down when he came to town. You can now read his famous Booze Sermon on-line! Online Casino UK


Suggestions for Personal Workers Casino Online

Read the "Suggestions for Personal Workers" prepared by Billy Sunday for his Boston campaign. "Our Motto: 'Every Christian A Personal Worker'" bästa casino


Campaign For NYC Cassino Online

See Sunday's "Billy Sunday Evangelistic Campaign For New York City" pamphlet outlining the organization for one of his biggest and most successful revival campaigns ever! bet365

Billy Sunday Remembered

From famous ball-player to famous evangelist, William Ashley "Billy" Sunday is still remembered today for his energetic preaching style and large, successful evangelistic campaigns across the United States. In his lifetime, Billy Sunday addressed over 100 million people without the aid of loud speakers, TV, or radio.

Sunday gained nationwide recognition for his prowess as a baseball player. He became the first player to run the bases in 14 seconds, and set records for stealing bases.

Shortly after being Saved through the outreach of the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, Sunday turned down a $400 per month baseball salary (at a time when the average worker made $480 per year) for a $84 per month ministry position. Ball teams later offered $500/month and even $2000/month, but Sunday remained committed to his ministry for God. Later in life he was offered $1,000,000 to be in the movies, but again declined in order to continue the evangelistic ministry God had called him to. He passed away after a heart attack in 1935 at age 73.

For more information about Billy Sunday's life and ministry, see our Billy Sunday Time Line.


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Billy Sunday Movie Video
Billy Sunday Movie Video
The only Video we are aware of Billy Sunday. Good for Church, School or family viewing.
The Billy Sunday Story
The Billy Sunday Story
Lee Thomas
A biography telling the story of Billy Sunday, from his humble beginnings, his major-league baseball fame, his being saved at Pacific Garden Mission, and his service to God that culminated in thousands upon thousands of decisions for Christ...
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The Vision of Joy or When Billy Sunday Came to Town
The Vision of Joy or When Billy Sunday Came to Town
Alexander Corkey
This fictional novel written in 1913 will give the reader a glimpse inside Billy Sunday's meetings through the eyes of the author.
Sheffey Video
Sheffey Video
This production depicts actual events from the life of Robert S. Sheffey, a 19th century circuit rider.

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