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There are so many other things that we desire to do at, but we are continually limited by resource constraints.

At the same time, there are numrous folks who want to help with the mission of this project but don't know how. We are not a 501(c)3 organization.

The solution is to offer a Billy Sunday On-line Membership that allows interested folks to support this work while perhaps offering some special benefits to the Member.

As we take this web site to the "next level" this winter, we will be deploying a "members'" area for the purpose of offering special previews of new material and Members-only benefits.

Your membership will:

  • Help keep On-line
  • Help add more Billy Sunday material to the site: more sermons, additional photos, and video clips
  • Help acquire original Billy Sunday materials
  • Help with on-going web hosting and development costs
  • Help with special projects

In order to make Membership as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to support this project, we have set Member dues at $5. That's $5 one-time for a lifetime membership.

Of course we are happy to receive additional support, too. If you want to send more than $5 for your dues, just type in the amount you want in the form below.

We do not and will not share any of your information with other parties.

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