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Please note that BillySunday.Org does not maintain, control, or necessarily endorse any of the web sites linked to below. These links are provided purely for their "educational" value. Some of the web pages noted here may even be those of detractors who assert that Sunday was simply a religious charleton using personal charisma to manipulate crowds of people and rake in the cash. Please use proper judgement and caution.

Pacific Garden Mission
Billy Sunday was saved at the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. The "Old Lighthouse" has a wonderful web site which includes some information about the history of the mission, where the reader will find a photo of "Ma Clarke," who led Billy Sunday to the Lord in 1886.

Billy Sunday Home & Visitor Center
Visit the Home and Visitor Center to get to know more about the story of Billy Sunday and his timeless message.

Homer Rodeheaver
The life and career of Homer Rodeheaver, Billy Sunday's famous song leader and soloist.

Wholesome Words: Billy Sunday
Some good quotes from Billy Sunday.

From Stealing Bases to Saving Souls
Information about a Billy Sunday film project that is underway.

Detroit News: Rearview Mirror
Billy Sunday's career from a secular perspective, with particular emphasis on his Detroit campaigns.

Forest Home Cemetery: Billy Sunday
Photos of Billy Sunday's grave, with a brief account of his life.

Hitting the Sawdust Trail with Bill Sunday
An on-line exhibit by the Billy Graham Center archives at Wheaton College. The archives has much Billy Sunday material in its collections.

Dr. John R. Rice Books is a book store and information resource for those interested in Dr. John R. Rice, a mid-twentieth-century evangelist who knew and was friends with Billy Sunday.

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Billy Sunday Movie Video
Billy Sunday Movie Video
The only Video we are aware of Billy Sunday. Good for Church, School or family viewing.
The Billy Sunday Story
The Billy Sunday Story
Lee Thomas
A biography telling the story of Billy Sunday, from his humble beginnings, his major-league baseball fame, his being saved at Pacific Garden Mission, and his service to God that culminated in thousands upon thousands of decisions for Christ...
$24.95 only $19.95 ea. ON SPECIAL   
The Vision of Joy or When Billy Sunday Came to Town
The Vision of Joy or When Billy Sunday Came to Town
Alexander Corkey
This fictional novel written in 1913 will give the reader a glimpse inside Billy Sunday's meetings through the eyes of the author.
Sheffey Video
Sheffey Video
This production depicts actual events from the life of Robert S. Sheffey, a 19th century circuit rider.

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