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We have began to carry some related items in our store -- books and videos by and  about people who were contemporary with Billy Sunday.  We begin these related offerings with the items below.
Sheffey Video
Sheffey Video
This production depicts actual events from the life of Robert S. Sheffey, a 19th century circuit rider.
Portraits Of The Great 18th Century Revivals
Portraits Of The Great 18th Century Revivals
Paxton Hood
This book traces the lives of Christian leaders who shook the English speaking world in the 18th century.
How to Study the Bible
How to Study the Bible
R.A. Torrey
The Bible contains golden nuggets of truth, and anyone willing to dig for that truth is certain to find it. With its numerous study helps, this easy-to-understand reference tool will help those who wish to study the Bible. Torrey's methods for studying th