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Below are some of the questions we frequently get asked by visitors to Billy Sunday Online. We love hearing from visitors, but please see if your question is answered here before writing to ask us.

How can I get Billy Sunday to come preach at my church?
Billy Sunday died in 1935, so he no longer books preaching meetings.

May I use images or sermons from your site in my publication or on my web site?
Yes. We would appreciate a link or reference to Billy Sunday Online.

Are these images and sermons copyrighted?
To our knowledge, every image and sermon used on Billy Sunday Online is copyright-free. Generally, items older than 1921 are now in the public domain and no longer subject to copyright regulations. However, we cannot make any specific guarantee about any particular image or text.

May I borrow or buy the originals for one of the images used on Billy Sunday Online?
It depends. Some of the images are from items we own, while others are scans contributed by other folks.

Where can I find more information about Billy Sunday?
Check the web sites listed on our Links page. Also check your local library. Unfortuneately, most resources about Billy Sunday are now out-of-print.

Can you send me a copy of a sermon by Billy Sunday that I am interested in?
Probably not. We are getting the sermons that we have access to Online as quickly as we can. Most of his sermons were never published except in newspapers of the day, and are therefore only accessible at archives at Grace Theological Seminary and Wheaton College. As we are able, we will be making more trips to these institutions to obtain additional material.

How can I help Billy Sunday Online?
Some of the ways you can help are:
  • If you have a web site, link to Billy Sunday Online.
  • If you have Billy Sunday texts, images, or other items, consider contributing them or copying them for us, or loaning them to us so that we can copy them. In the case of images, a good quality scan is all we need.
  • Help type his sermons. We do have some sermons that need to be keyboarded before they can be made available on the site.
  • Write to us to let us know that this effort is appreciated and/or useful.
  • Contribute financially to this project. You can contribute using PayPal (which lets you send money using a checking account or credit card) or mail a contribution payable to Pastor Ron Meldrum, P.O. Box 14, New Vineyard, ME 04956. When mailing a contribution, please designate it somehow for Billy Sunday On-line. The Billy Sunday On-line project is not a 501(c)3 organization, and therefore contributions are not tax-deductible.

    Who is behind this web site?
    Billy Sunday Online is edited by Ron Meldrum of New Vineyard, Maine. Ron Meldrum is pastor of King's Valley Chapel in Kingfield, Maine.

    How do I contact Billy Sunday Online?
    Please send e-mail to .

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